Giving children a voice

Some children are confused by their feelings – they may not understand or cannot explain them. When children are distressed they can behave in ways which their parents or teachers find unacceptable.I can offer help for children who:• distressed by family breakdown
• are bullied or bully others
• act out their distress angrily
 have been bereaved
• are withdrawn
• are anxious

How I Can Help

Before I start counselling a child, I meet with the parents to talk about the counselling sessions and to hear their thoughts and views of the child’s difficulties. The counselling sessions are confidential within the limits of my child protection policy, but where a child decides that they want to share with their parents some of the aspects of the counselling sessions I can arrange to see the child and parent together.“Children and adolescents need the same as the adults who see me, a non judgemental environment, empathy and genuiness.”