Counselling for adults

Our childhood, a crisis, such as bereavement, relationship breakdown or career change can lead us to wondering who we are and what we want.

How I can help

Find You…..Be You counselling offers one-to-one counselling with an experienced counsellor who will help you look at those areas of your life, which stop you from moving on, or being the person you would like to be.
I can offer help for people who:

• feel overwhelmed
• feel depressed
• are distressed by relationship difficulties
• have been bullied or bully others
• suffer from the impact of abuse
• have difficulties controlling their anger
• want to understand themselves better

Find You…..Be You counselling will be with you on your journey of awareness and choices. Our counsellors will not judge you and will offer you empathy and understanding.

Based in Kent we offer confidential counselling in a relaxed environment. Prices range from £35 to £65 per session*. The initial session is FREE – this is to ensure that both the counsellor and client are able to work with each other. All sessions are an hour .

*Minimum six sessions.

“Significance and happiness are worth the effort of living.”

Albert Camus 1942

Contact Find You…Be You counselling on: 0775 3167194 or


Counselling from Heather Roberts

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