Counselling for couples

Distress in a relationship can create tension, sadness, worry, fear and confusion. Couple counselling can help you and your partner to resolve issues and move forward. I endeavour to provide a nurturing and safe environment where you and your partner are heard without judgement and are given the support to work through any concerns and issues. I offer therapeutic support to all couple relationships, regardless of sexual orientation and/or marital status. Through counselling you will both explore thoughts, feelings and actions to help you and your partner gain a deeper understanding of your relationship. I appreciate the uniqueness of each couple and their relationship and can support you in identifying and defining the issue or problem.

How I can help

The aim of the work undertaken is not just to relieve the pressing issues of the moment, but also to seek a more optimistic and fulfilling future for both partners, either within the present relationship, or apart. People come to couple counselling for a wide range of issues including:

• Difficulties of family life
• Life transitions
• Separation or divorce
• Communication difficulties
• Infidelity
• Anger
• Same-sex relationship issues
• Sexual difficulties

Couple counselling can also help couples who simply want to strengthen their relationship and gain better understanding of each other. Pre-marriage counselling can help those who plan to marry, explore their differences, attitudes and future expectations for the relationship.

“The soul of marriage… created by small acts, small words and small, everyday interactions.”

Moore – 1994:53.

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Counselling from Heather Roberts

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